Our most extensive project to date, both in scale and in subject matter, was revealed on May 10th at the Chicago Daley Plaza. As a statement on the state of gun control and violence in Chicago, Ojo was commissioned by The Escape Pod and partnered with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, to construct a full scale gun share platform, designed in appearance to resemble your favorite bike share station. Instead of bikes affixed to individual racks, imagine replica AR-15s, locked in and loaded up. Spectators are encouraged to interact with the activation and donate to the Brady Campaign through a custom fitted kiosk.
4 months of labor, two dozen worker Ojos and over a ton of metal went into the fabrication of this design (learn more). Check these guys out.

More information about The Metro Gun Share Program


The Metro Gun Share Program
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  • 10 hand painted AR-15 replicas
  • 10 custom gun stadns @ 22 pieces
  • 1 interactive kiosk @32 pieces
  • 1 custom solar panel sign stand
  • 3 custom base platforms
  • All painting done in house
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